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  • Fani Olive Putri

    Fani Olive Putri

    Product enthusiast based in Amsterdam. Currently working for Instapro platform- @werkspot @travaux @instapro

  • Silvia Benza Bareiro

    Silvia Benza Bareiro

    I like turtles (and old memes)

  • Laurie Silvio

    Laurie Silvio

    Software Engineer, Scrum master and Iceland lover

  • Herberto Graça

    Herberto Graça

    Senior software developer.

  • Arnaud “Arhuman” ASSAD

    Arnaud “Arhuman” ASSAD

    Long time geek, taoist learner, software alchemist, old child, FOSS advocate, Perl and JavaScript lover. ( /

  • Madhav Chaturvedi

    Madhav Chaturvedi

    Engineer | Amazon

  • Matt Kingshott

    Matt Kingshott

    Web developer. Currently building — a portfolio and recruitment platform for IT professionals.

  • Benoit Travers

    Benoit Travers

    French developer, currently working for Zenika Rennes.

  • Matt Holt

    Matt Holt

    I code stuff with my bare hands.

  • John Griffin

    John Griffin

    Software Development and Design Agency in San Francisco and Belarus

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